Standard/Beta/Stable release channels for Volumio

It would be nice if you could select a release channel for Volumio.

While there are some who love to tinker (or have multiple devices) and have the latest updates, I could also image there are people who want to just have music without all the fuss :wink:

I would like to propose that we extend the “Test” mode to include another level - i.e

Test      ||  Bleeding edge        || Expect bugs.
Standard  ||  Normal release cycle || Quick fixes.
Stable    ||  Mature release       || Just works.

The Stable version, could just be a curated Standard release, that is probably a few weeks/days behind in the release cycle.
I would expect the majority of people to stick with the Standard release, while we suggest the Stable release for people who aren’t comfortable enough to tinker/ for your main device.

What do you think?


I think there could be some good ideas here (I know it’s an old topic, but I missed it first time around). Quite a number of people still invoke ‘dev’ mode without any clue of what that involves. I also like the idea of a ‘stable’ version.

True - especially since a lot of new features/public betas are gated in the “test” mode, people probably turn it on and then forget to go back to the normal release.

It would be nice to have a release channel selectable from the System Setting page.