Standalone packages?

Instead of distributing Volumio as its own OS, is it possible to package volumio to make it installable on an “unsupported” system to reduce the need for porting? Something like I could run

$ sudo apt-get install volumio $ sudo systemctl start volumio
And turn any Debian-based system into a volumio player? Thanks

Nice thought and not a stupid suggestion either, but not as simple as you put it :wink:
Have a look at the build scripts ( and see what actually has been packed into the base system and how many different integrated services eventually make up the “Volumio experience”.
To put that into one biiiiig package and start/stop it as a single service might remain a dream for a long time I guess :mrgreen:
Instead of that, the build system has been designed in such a way, that a lot of the porting efforts, known from earlier releases, has been reduced to a day (or two). Even with this, good suggestions to get it installed on a system, especially a range of x86 systems, other that flashing it to an sd card are always welcome.