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Hi all,
I’m new to Volumio and desperate to find a stand-alone media player for playing my Flac files in my car and caravan. I’d really appreciate if anyone could clarify if Volumio can be used as a stand alone system. If not, can anyone advise what I could use. At the moment in the car, I’m running a raspberry pi with a 2TB DRIVE connected to it and that, via wifi, connected to a router with my phone connected to that using Squeezer app to drive it all. It works, but not every time and this is soooo frustrating. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Guys

Hi, I have a Pi, 1tb ssd headless Volumio/Kodi set up in my camper. I have no problems with the system but have found;
If we are away for a long time it’s easier to leave it powered up permanently.
For us, an old iPad is fine if we want to choose what we listen to but for most of the time we use a remote control to load random albums/tracks - if we don’t like one - we simply skip, either with the remote or some GPIO buttons on the dash.
The Kodi remote app is fine for watching video with the hdmi tv.

The Volumio WiFi extends far enough outside to use a phone and ear phones with something like ‘file explorer’ to listen to music in the sun. Volumio has it all! Go for it, what more could you want!

Hi Old_Duffer,
Thanks for taking time out to reply, its very much appreciated. Well that’s encouraging, I like it, thanks for the rundown on your system which sounds like thats what I need. Sorry, I now have another question, remote ?
Do I need to get a remote control handset?
Plus, do you not or can’t you (due to the design) use the wifi from Volumio and an app or its app to find your music and play them. Unfortunately this is my first “enquiry” about Volumio and I have only just this morning come across it so I’ve very limited knowledge on its function at the moment so please excuse the stupid questions. But thanks again I certainly will explore more.

Hi. Using the Volumio hotspot and a phone or tablet is fine. I just find the remote is safer when driving (and saves me the strain of deciding what I want to hear!).
You can use (almost) any remote you’ve got lying around. I bought a really cheap multi function one. I use the 0-9 buttons to load playlists.

Hi Old_Duffer

Ok got you now so thanks very much for the info, its appreciated. Looks like the weekend is going to be busy.