ssl Root password

trying to get my I/O knobs working, what is the root password ?

I\O knobs? Want to know more!!!

user: root
pw: volumio

I started with the Raspify project, added some push buttons for play pauze and stop. You can use the I/O pins to connect your buttons and a simple Phyton script to control the functions. will post some examples lateron when i have some more time

Hi, i’ve used the GPIO input to control play/pause, stop, mute, vol+ and vol - and installed push puttons in my room to control it right from the wall :slight_smile:

As the guy above me, i’ve achieved this using a small python script which constantly monitors the state of the inputs and fire a “mpc …” command according to the push button! :smiley:

What about including that code on next release?
Maybe we could find a more efficient event-driven way of controlling that… What you think?

Hi, I think its easier to install lirc, get a 2 $ IR receiver from ebay and a nice small IR remote control like Apple A1156 and make a script that will control mpd.
I did that with Raspyfi and its working great and its very easy to control. What about to include lirc and the script in the next release. You can use the tutorial from this forum … 3420#p5621

Yes, what about making that script compatible with CEC ?
I’ll integrate that anyway on next release, very good tutorial!

@birca1987 IR control or CEC control is ok, CEC i also use with my XMBC glued to the back of my tv.

I want to make local dedicated push buttons. Still busy with making a small pcb for that.

I’d love to help beta test any lirc modules & scripts for the BeagleBone Black. With so many ir remotes laying around the house, it seems like a solid approach to a minimalist UI. Not to mention diving for the tablet to pause or mute the volume when the phone rings can be a pain, and hard wired buttons can ruin a clean looking enclosure faceplate.