SSH over USB with Pi Zero/Volumio 2

I’ve searched the forum and can’t find an answer on this: has anyone been able to successfully SSH into Volumio over USB?

I wrote a new Volumio 2 image to an SD card, plugged it into a Pi Zero, waited 5-6 min and attempted to SSH over USB. I’m able to see the Pi at Raspberrypi.local, but it will not accept the login volumio/volumio:

ssh volumio@raspberrypi.local The authenticity of host 'raspberrypi.local (' can't be established. ECDSA key fingerprint is SHA256:1WYdGYWdOCuyxT6nCePiC/ZswGR/tiE9Pn6TZJ8lFe8. Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes volumio@raspberrypi.local's password: Permission denied, please try again.

This method has always worked for me in a fresh Raspian install using login pi/raspberry – any idea why Volumino won’t accept the password?

There is a problem with SSH in current version, it will be fixed in next one which is about to be released…

Awesome, thanks!

What kernel version will the new update be running? I’m having a hell of time compiling drivers in the current Volumio version (running kernel 4.4.9), and when I do a sudo rpi-update it bricks the SD card…