SSH file transfer slow


I’m using a laptop to transfer new files to library on USB drive in RPi (2 model B).
I transfer with SSH-network-drive in Dolphin (SFTP?) from linux mint to volumio on RPi.

Transfer speed is very slow however. I reach about 200 Kb/sec at peak moments, usually about 150 Kb/sec. Playing music on volumio or not: transfer speed stays the same.

I don’t understand why this speed is low. Wifi dongle on RPi and wifi on laptop are connected at 130 Mbit. USB-port on RPi is 2.0, usb device is 3.0 so that is capable of higher speed as well. Router is pretty good, internet connection speed is very high.
Is it the processor on the RPi that can’t handle the read/write faster? Any ideas or tricks in configuration that could make file transfer faster?


No idea why the transfer speed is so low, but you won’t get the benefit of usb 3 regardless since the Pi only supports usb 2. Why not plug the usb device directly into your laptop to transfer your files?

Yes, good suggestion of course. I did it this way to get started.

But after the “start library” was on the device, I just wanted to hide the pi away and never be bothered again unless it stopped working :wink:

DreamScenario: I find some new albums and songs I like, I want to add them to my collection: just transfer to the pi and done, without bothering shutting down volumio or unmounting USBdrive, take USBdrive, transfer, USBdrive again, boot volumio, transfer again, …

Partly because creating connection between volumio and wifi can take a few minutes, but mostly because when I can transfer wireless (USB-stick-less), I or someone else in the family can continue using volumio during the transfer…