SSH disabled in 2.246


I have run several previous versions of Volumio on my RPi 3, but I’ve noticed that in 2.246, SSH is now disabled e.g.

sh-3.2# ssh volumio@volumio.local ssh: connect to host volumio.local port 22: Connection refused

When I do a port scan from another host on my LAN, this is the result:

[code]Port Scan has started…

Port Scanning host: 178.x.x.x

 Open TCP Port: 	80     		http
 Open TCP Port: 	111    		sunrpc
 Open TCP Port: 	139    		netbios-ssn
 Open TCP Port: 	445    		microsoft-ds
 Open TCP Port: 	3000   		hbci
 Open TCP Port: 	3001   		redwood-broker
 Open TCP Port: 	3005   		geniuslm
 Open TCP Port: 	5000   		commplex-main
 Open TCP Port: 	6599
 Open TCP Port: 	6600
 Open TCP Port: 	46961
 Open TCP Port: 	49152

Port Scan has completed…

So it looks like Volumio is not even listening for SSH connections

If I access from the terminal (keyboard + HDMI monitor) what is the best way to enable it again?

I am using Volumio on a wired ethernet connection only and I switch off all wireless including the hotspot.

Many thanks in advance