Hello everyone,
i have volumio running on my UDOO Quad for a couple of years now with a USB HDD, which works great…
I will now try playing my music from a 500 GB SATA SSD and can not find it in Volumio settings. USB Drive is disconnected.
Can someone please guide me to get this solved…
Thanks in advance, Thomas

Hello all,
is it possible using the SATA SSD anyway?
If someone can give me a “NO” if it is so, I dont have to think about it anymore…

Does it depend on the device, if SATA can be used? Maybe it works on a PC?

Thanks, Thomas

Another try…
I found a topic from 2014 where exactly my question has been answered. #p1285
But some other questions came up.
I can not log in with root/volumio, just with volumio/volumio. When i follow the instructions, from the point where the drive can be mounted, i get “permission denied”
I have version 2.166 running on my Udoo and would really like to use my SATA Drive.

Is there a chance to update Volumio on Udoo ti the freshest version? When i try it tells me, I have the newest version installed…?

Thanks, Thomas