Squeezelite plays but Spotify doesn't

I have installed the Squeezelite and am playing music through iPeng on my mobile.
This is working well.
But when I play music through Spotify, through my iOS app, the music does not play.
For some reason, the volume is always turned to 0% and after turning it to 100% too, there is no music playing. It doesn’t really play but switches to zero volume and shows as if the spotify is connected.
I have gone into the SPOTIFY settings and authorized for access.
Is there a SQLlite conflict ?
How do I trouble shoot

Strange. I disabled Squeezelite and now Spotify plays.
Is there any setting that I am missing to have them both coexist ?

Squeezelite plugin has not been approved yet because it has not been tested and validated properly.
I suggest not tu use it until it’s released. We are working on it