SpotifyConnect2 over the Internet?

A few days ago a friend visited me at my home. He wanted to show me something on Spotify. So I installed the plugin Spotify-Connetc2.
I gave him the password from my Wi-Fi and he connected his phone to it. As far as everything went well and we could hear music on Spotify.
When he left later, he found that he still could control my volumio far away from me with the Spotify app on his phone. He was able to start music (from Spotify) and also regulate the volume etc … Normally via the Internet on my Volumio at home … - Of course, this has me very unsettled and I have uninstalled the plugin immediately. :astonished:

We used SpotifyConnect2 version 0.9.5

I think it’s definitely better if he can control my Volumio only if he is in my WLAN.
What do you think?


This is how Spotify Connect works - all clients synchronise to Spotify’s servers.
In your situation, since no one else connected, his account was still synced to your Volumio device.
When a new user connects, the old one will be dropped.

If you don’t like this, connect only your account and disable the “multi-user device”

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Thanks for the explanation !
I have blamed trolls when this have happened to me
(When my daughter visit she uses one of my players and it have happen more than once that music starts to play in the middle of the night)

Thank you for the explanation!
Yes I saw that, there is this possibility.
Since I only use Qobuz and I do not need Spotify, I have uninstalled the plugin.