Spotifyconnect suddenly not working with Volumio 3 on Rsapberry Pi 8GB

I have a Spotify Premium account. Freshly installed Volumio 3 (My other SD card with Volumio 3 had the exact same issue) on a Pi 8GB, with IQaudio Pro HAT. I have two Spotify plugins installed, but only enabled Volumio Spotify Connect2.
It’s currently set to Multi-user device - I tried setting it to only my personal account, but after restarting Volumio,
Spotify on both my android phone and Windows10 laptop did not even see the device…
Now that it’s set to Multi-user, Spotify recognizes it but doesn’t connect.
I am connected via ethernet
I also tried a MOODE audio SD card which has no problem connectig to spotify via Spotify connect.
see Log: