Spotify works no more after update Volumio

I have a premium licence for spotify, after update Volumio yesterday my spotify plugin works no more (notification on screen=accountname en password incorrect). Has anyone an idee?

One thing I have noticed on my system, whenever I use the spotify plugin it completely turns the sound off in spotify. Even though I have the volume set on Volumio, I have to go to spotify devices and turn the volume up from 0 so I can hear anything. This happens each time I switch from another audio source to spotify.

Same thing happens to me.

Are you talking about Spotify or Spotify connect? What is the mixer set in Volumio?

Play Spotify from volumio
Default startup volume disabled

I appear by Spotify…username and password subscription

When I go to installed plugins “Spotify”

Mixertype is “None” undefined

from @grido

If you’re having issues with spotify, here’s how i fixed it (raspberry pi b+, volumio 1.5x)

turn spotify on in volumio using your browser, add your (premium) credentials, an click apply. Reboot (my reboot button in the web UI does not work, so you may want to do it through SSH using “sudo reboot”).

in ssh, run the following command:


you should not see spopd service running. If you check the log file “cat /var/log/spopd.log” you will get the following error:

2015-01-05 20:09:18 [ERR ] Can’t load sox audio plugin: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

now edit manually your config file:

“sudo vi /etc/spopd.conf”

and make sure it is IDENTICAL to this one below. Delete the [sox] line, and modify anything that is differnete besides your credentials obsiouvly. Mine had the audio_output = sox (which i changed to ao), and the output_name was different too. make sure to save with :wq when done in vi.

volumio@volumio:~$ cat /etc/spopd.conf
spotify_username = XXXXXXX
spotify_password = XXXXXXX
audio_output = ao
output_name = hw:0

When done, restart your spopd service.

sudo spopd -c /etc/spopd.conf

if you run pstree you will see spopd running. you can also check your log /var/log/spopd.log file to see if there’s any error in the login sequence.

You can go back to your browser and you will have the spotify menu. I’m not 100% sure spopd service will come back up when you restart though, you may have to start it manually or run a cronjob. i did not find (laziness…) where volumio calls the service. i checked quickly in /etc/init.d but no luck.

now my spotify is empty of anything but that’s probably because i’ve never used it.

Why are you talking about Volumio 1.5?
There is no interest of doing that.