Spotify - Where is it?

Sorry for the possibly dumb question but once you have logged into Spotify on Volumino where do I find it? I have looked in ‘Browse’ and also tried switching on the Library but nothing. There is no indication on the settings pages that it hasn’t logged in okay - but then nothing to say it has either.

What have I got wrong?

Hi, you have to enter your credentials in the Volumio GUI under the “System - Settings” menu. Be sure that they are correct otherwise Spotify won’t appear… in the “Browse” part of Volumio.

hope this helps.


Spotify only works if you are a premium member.
After enabling volumio needs a reboot before spotify can be used

oops, just realized that it doesn’t appear in my Volumio GUI either. I had it for some time but didn’t use it much. Now it has gone :question: :question: :open_mouth:

ps… I have a “premium” account

Any javascript error in console?

a couple of CSS errors …

it’s back again

after having played around with it to try and generate some errors it is back… maybe just a cache problem ?? I dunno ??