Spotify & Sound Quality

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I’ve just subscribed to Spotify premium, primarily because of its high def offering. Unfortunately, I cannot find a means for choosing HD music from Spotify within volumio - does this mean I’m out of luck, is this not an option within volumio?

Also, I’d like to listen to King Radio, from Seattle and while its listed in web radio, it won’t load, the failure appearing as a red message block - how can this be resolved?

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As far as I know Spotify Premium doesn’t offer anything higher than 320kbps, which is not HD audio, I think you may be mistaken by the services offered by Tidal, Quobuz etc that offer hi res files and streaming.

Ah, I see. They do advertise high quality audio on their premium list, missing from the basic list and apparently you can control the quality of the audio from within their ap, but, this option isn’t available within volumio. So 320 kbps is the best that can be expected?

Can Tidal be streamed through volumio?

Spotify has been testing lossless streaming quality with a small number of users, however it’s never brought that feature to general usage. Its highest stream, at 320 Kbps, sounds great.

Audiophile blogger Archimago did a test several years ago with his readers to test the quality of hi res recordings, CD quality and Spotify 320. It was interesting that results showed that even for his high end audiophile readers they had trouble differentiating the different versions, and many actually preferred the wound of compessed 320 Kbp over lossless and hi res. … 65e56c97c4

In my listening, so far, there seems to be quite a variation in sound quality through web radio, even within a single channel/station. Of what I’ve sample from Spotify, so far, it does not sound great!

So, Tidal is not an option for volumio?

I am curious how you play your Spotify with Volumio to have this opinion. I would check the configuration to make sure you running 320bits and not 180.

Don’t have Tidal - so can’t comment/compare - but there are some threads here suggesting it is possible.

Yes, it show’s that playback is 320 bits.