Spotify Search problems I installed

I installed Volumio on my raspberry pi model 3 yesterday. It was working perfectly until now, I am unable to use the search function in Spotify. I can search but no no results are returned. The green progress bar advances but nothing happens. I can still play tracks from the categories such as recently played tracks or access my playlists I just can’t search for stuff.

I’m using the Android app.

Any ideas how I could fix this? I’ve tried logging out of Spotify and then back in and disabling the app and the re enabling it to no avail.

Pretty frustrating as I was really enjoying using it.

Do you have other plugins installed? Please disable them and search should be back

Give that man a Cigar! Spot on, michelangelo :wink:

I installed the YouTube app, didn’t work anyway disabled it and now Spotify search is back.

Cheers, mate.