Spotify plugin


Im new in Volumio. I just installed Volumio2 on my RPi 2 with Spotify plugin and I have problem that Im not able to see Volumio device in Spotify application on computer and Android phone. So it mean that I`m not able to connect Volumio player from Spotify application. Spotify plugin itself works fine on Volumio.

Thanks for any help.

For Spotify on other platforms to “see” Volumio you need Spotify Connect. There is a beta of a Spotify Connect for Volumio plugin here: … otconnect2

Installed it today en works great, I always used Spotify with AirPlay and In my experience, Spotify Connect works better than airplay.

I love Volumio Keep up the good work[emoji106]

Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk

It works as promissed… Thanks…