Spotify plugin not showing all songs in playlist

Using the regular Spotify plugin on Volumio 3.198 (so not the Connect plugin), it will not load all the songs in one of my large playlists. Is there a way to fix this?

if I am correct there is a limitation in the Spotify API (from Spotify) of 50.

Ah, so only native Spotify Apps can pull all the songs? That’s lame.

So I can only really use Spotify Connect, which doesn’t work well on my end as I get constand ALSA underruns with that plugin (and only that plugin, all other streaming sources work fine).

Actually also that answer is no :slight_smile:
However in the app the use a function called paginate.
On scrolling (or next) they loop through the API call with steps of 50.


Would be nice of the Spotify plugin implemented the same method.

@skikirkwood , @volumio

If I recall correct, there was a valid reason not to.

The “valid reason” was I ran out of time to add pagination and have not had the time to jump back into evolving the plug-in. So hopefully someone can take over and add pagination. I myself would benefit as I have some really large playlists, and way over 50 playlists.

The other thing that would be nice is to add support for folders of playlists. The Spotify Web API doesn’t support folders, but the Logitech engineer who maintains the LMS and wrote the Spotty plug-in figured out how to get folders working anyway.

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