Spotify Plugin Issues

So the last 2 months since I have gotten my first Raspberry Pi and installed Volumio and using it where I work so it is easy to change the music since it is on the network. But took it home to replicate the problem and did a screen record on my Mac. But basically the problem is on the spotify plugin. The issue is that when you go to a spotify curated playlist and click play it will play, click another it will play but when you click another song it would get hung up. And since I am not doing these test at work and doing them at home during this Thanksgiving break. The other issue is that on those spotify curated playlist and its not just there its on anything you search for but when you search for a artist and play a album it plays the second song not the first song but I click on the first song and it doesn’t play, only the second song does. The only solution to this issue is to use the spotify connect plugin which works flawlessly but I love when anybody can go onto the local network and it the spotify tab and play music but it just doesn’t function smoothly. But everything else about Volumio works great. But I am totally loving this concept of being a easily music player.

Here is a video of the issues I am having.


Version: 2.853
Spotify Plugin: 2.0.2
Device: Raspberry Pi 4, 4GB Model