Spotify Plugin is "inactive"

Volumio 2.118 (clean install).

Installed the Spotify plugin and activated it. Is shows as “inactive.”

How do I get it to work?

Answering my own question, I went to My Music and clicked the Update button.

Have you verified that Spotify itself works? If so, don’t worry about it, the indicator will show correctly later.

Spotify wasn’t showing in the Browse window until after starting the Update.

It’s still showing as Inactive on the Plugins page, but it’s working just fine.

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Once upon a time this was a bug, not sure if it was the plugin or volumio.
Wouldn’t put too much effort in it though, thought is was fixed somewhere along the road. :wink:

Except that I’m using 2.118 which is the most recent release.

But you are right, it is working just fine.

HI Spotify plugin is inavtive -
rebooting volumio, re-installing plugin - dose not solve the issue
volumio is still not avalible on spotify as a source of music.

Asy sugestions/ solutions ?