Spotify plugin does not advertise after network dropout

I assume this problem has been reported in various posts, but I haven’t found a conclusive resolution to the issue so far.

The Spotify plugin (both the old Connect version and the new combined one) stops being visible in the endpoint list in the Spotify app at random occasions. Restarting Volumio or restarting the plugin brings the endpoint back.

Now, it looks the culprit is the network. I currently live in Germany where Internet is notoriously bad - my apartment has only DSL, which regularly disconnects. I have switched providers recently, going to Deutsche Telekom with a hybrid DSL/LTE tariff - makes life livable, when DSL disconnects, the router switches to cellular reasonably quickly.

However, it seems that Spotify plugin is not able to recover after such a dropout. Rebooting the router doesn’t help - only restart of the plugin (on/off).

Volumio 3.301 is on an RPi4b connected via wi-fi, with static IP address.

Any hints? Thanks.

Upd: did some testing switching between 2,4 and 5GHz wi-fi, tried wired connection.

Same thing… Spotify plugin cannot recover after network disconnect.

Upd2: Spotify on a Windows PC can see the Volumio endpoint after router reboot. Starting a track on the PC makes the endpoint visible to the Android device as well :exploding_head:

So, tried multiple tests: witnessed weird behaviour with Spotify plugin failing after I send the Topping E30 into standby, not being recognized by the phone at all even after full RPi reboots, etc, etc.

Finally, uninstalled the plugin and installed again. Magically, all works now. Have been observing for the last four days - works rock solid, no matter what the network does.

Alas, the joy was premature. Spotify Connect still randomly disconnects to a point where it needs to be restarted in Volumio. Fiddling with the router and RPi (static/dynamic IP, wifi frequencies and channels, wired connection, etc.) did not help.

Just wondering if the Volumio Primo offers the same experience with streaming services…

Out of frustration :smile: I ordered a Bluesound Node - now this is what I call rock solid. Two weeks uninterrupted Spotify.

Sadly, that is it with Volumio for me.

I somehow missed this post.
Thanks for reporting this, actually the new daemon needs a bit of rework in case of connection drops.
A fix for that is on the way.

Just FYI: with Volumio I saw Spotify Connect would drop after some inactivity - e.g., several hours or overnight. I considered this to be normal behaviour, although, of course, it was somewhat frustrating to have to select the Volumio endpoint in Spotify app each time I wanted to play something.

On the Node I see Spotify Connect has a persistent connection to Node’s endpoint. Basically, I can press the preset button on the device or the remote and it would start playing Spotify - doesn’t matter if I do it in a day, or after a few hours. (Not advertising, just commenting on how different the experience is. And small things like that can eventually be decisive.)

Thanks for sharing this. I agree with you, details are important.
Will see if there is a solution