Spotify Plugin - choose which device to play music on

In the official Spotify app, I can choose to play a song on various devices associated with my Spotify account.

I have enabled the Spotify plugin in Volumio but cannot find such an option. I would love to be able to select from the devices associated with my Spotify account from within Volumio Spotify plugin.

I think what you are looking for is the Spotify Connect plug-in for Volumio.

Thank you, I just installed Spotify Connect but it seems this is used in order to turn a device into a receiver.

But I already have Sonos speakers which are connected to my Spotify account. It would be great if, through Volumio, I could select which speaker to play music on.

That is a really edge use-case IMO - especially because this would work only for Spotify, and not other music services.
When it comes to Spotify, as much as I appreciate @skikirkwood’s work on integrating Spotify browsing into the UI, there is only so much you can do with the current Volumio UI…

I’d recommend you just use the official Spotify Web player ( to control your Sonos/Volumio/any other receiver…

Unfortunately that is not going to work on a Raspberry Pi.