Spotify Plugin authentication

I recently updated my Raspberry with Volumio to the latest update 2.729 and the Spotify plugin to 2.0.2. Now I have the problem that the Spotify plugin does not work and I think the issue here lies with the authentication of the plugin. I see the plugin received a Authorize button for generating the Spotify tokens I presume. But every time I open this link I only get “You must specify a valid list of scopes”.

Anyone knows a workaround or fix for this?

I have the same issue with Volumio 2.777 and Spotify plugin version 2.0.2 - did you ever find a way around this?

Sadly not. I ended up switching to the Volumio Spotify Connect Plugin which works nicely

Ah, ok - thanks for coming back!

I had a try with the Connect Plugin as well - am I correct that it just allows you to play Spotify through Volumio when using the Spotify app as opposed to any UI integration with Volumio, such as playlists, search function etc…?

You are correct. The Spotify Connect plugin makes your Volumio device into a Spotify Audio device which can then be controlled from any Spotify client.
As far as I found out the only thing you can do on the WebUI of Volumio is using the Playback controls.

Until the problem with the direct integration of the „normal“ Spotify plugin I will have to stick with this.


But: this is really a mess! It worked (with the workaround), now the volumio-team says that Spotify is integrated but it doesn’t work!
I don’t want another app controlling volumio, I want to do this directly from the volumio app!

What a pitty…