Spotify playlist with shuffle activated repeats the same song over and over

hi, I’m pretty new to Volumio, but have got it working mostly.

I’m running version 2.779 (installed through PINN) on a Pi 4 (4GB).

however the shuffle mode doesn’t work propperly. If I start a Playlist and activate shuffle there’s some strange behaviour:

  • -when I listen to a song from start to finish one of the following things happens:

    1. Volumio will keep repeating the same song over and over. once its stuck on a Song, it stays there.
    2. the Track finishes, and the Play timer keeps going (for example the song is 4:35 long, afterwards the play position counts up to 5:00) altough this happens rarely, and I haven’t been able to reproduce this
    3. sometimes a different song will start. (this is very rare. Altough the chances are higher it seems, when listening to a playlist created by me, opposed to a playlist created by spotify, for example “Rock Classics”)
  • -when I jump near the end of the track and listen till the end, a random Song starts (when I listen to that whole song the same thing as above applies).

I’ve tried deactivating all other plugins, to see if any were interfering ( all installed through the plugin menu, not manually) but no change.

The log is:

the only things I changed through console, was fix the Webradio not starting by:

sudo ln -s /opt/vc/lib/ /usr/lib/ 
sudo reboot

and change the Layout of the virtual Keyboard by editing the keyboard.xml file