Spotify Playlist only 20 items are shown


My first day of using Volumio. Great player and great sound!

I was checking my Playlist from Spotify and I found out that I see the only my first 20 playlists. The rest is not visible. I checked the documentation the Spotify API and I found out the default number of playlist is 20. This maybe explains why I see only 20 playlist? Or something else?

This is the link to the documentation: … playlists/

I used this procedure to use the token (not sure if it matters): help-needed-test-spotify-plugin-with-oauth-t10071.html

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It’s very strange. Yes, the default returned in the API is 20, but I’m requesting 50. I have one Volumio system that returns 50 and another that returns 20. Same code and same Volumio version, so have no idea why it sometimes does this.

In a fresh install i finally got the spotify plugin working. It looks like this limitation is still present. Only 50 playlists are showing.
Looking at the spotify documentation, ,there should be a way to navigate to the next 50 using the offset parameter

That’s right, I haven’t time to add pagination to the plugin. The Spotify Web API supports it, just need to write a little bit of code to get it working.

Thanks for your response and great work. For now i managed to make another call to the spotify api to get the next set of playlists. It would be nice to get a proper pagination working!

The general notion of pagination hasn’t yet been put into Volumio AFAIK, so I was kind of waiting for that to happen. With search results, lists of web radio stations, etc. it would be great to have a “Show more” link in most of those views.

That said, I have more than 50 playlists, saved albums, etc. on Spotify, so something might happen soon. :slight_smile:

A simple way of pagination is added to the radiostations if you select by country > europe > belgium > most popular. In the bottom of the list there is an extra entry added: folder-open icon with text "More stations.
In the same way you could use the “previous” and “next” value in the json response of spotify to add an entry to fetch the previous or next set of results with an fa-arrow-left and fa-arrow-right?

Yep, that would probably work. Ok, let’s see what can be done here. I’d also like to use the Spotify Web API getRecommendations function, that let’s you pass in seed genres, artists and tracks. That would be cool: … web-api.js

The recommendations sure would be a nice feature! I guess this would look like the great magic playlist app

Most user would expect to be able to scroll to all of their playlist, albums and artists. It would be great to have pagination working soon.

Hi everyone,

Any news on development of pagination support ?
It is really the only missing for me about the spotify plugin (I have playlists with 400-500 songs)

If you need a tester,I would happily do it.


Unfortunately I’ve been really busy and not had a chance to work on this. I also have huge playlists. I hope to add pagination in the future, just can’t commit to a time frame.


Thank you for the feedback.
Keep us updated when you have some news.

Have a nice day !