spotify no sound: raspberry 3 with raspyplay4 sound

Hi there,
I have installed the actuall version of volumio. The raspyplay4 sound works after trying some of the I2S-DACs from the DACs-List in the configuration. Using spotify I can search, choose and add titles from Spotify to the actual queure but there is no sound. Volumio says he is playing the title but the time-counter does not increase …

Do I have to change some paramters in the spotify-config-file?

Best reagards


When it does this wth my setup I go into the settings and turn off Spotify, go into the account details page and save without changing anything then turn Spotify back on, works for me.

The Spotify log in seems to require updating regularly as it must be timed to need redoing every so many days/hours I’m not sure.

Hi mikeyb,
many thanks for your reply. Unfortunately it does not work :frowning:

I’am not sure, if spotify accept my account entrys. Even If I enter a wrong password, I can browse the spotify library and add titles to the queue but not can play them. Same as with right account information.



I had a look to the Logfile /var/log/volumio.log and there is an error occuring when I try to enter “My Playlists” in the Spotify-Folder in the Library.

The message is:
2017-02-09T16:55:44.112Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: spop , handleBrowseUri
2017-02-09T16:55:44.113Z - info: [1486659344112] ControllerSpop::sendSpopCommand
2017-02-09T16:55:44.113Z - info: ADDING DEFER FOR COMMAND ls
2017-02-09T16:55:44.114Z - info: SPOP command error:
2017-02-09T16:55:44.115Z - info: Error: This socket has been ended by the other party
at Socket.writeAfterFIN [as write] (net.js:291:12)
at applyWithContext (/data/plugins/music_service/spop/node_modules/fast.js/function/applyWithContext.js:15:22)
at /data/plugins/music_service/spop/node_modules/fast.js/function/bind.js:63:14
at onBoundPromise (/data/plugins/music_service/spop/node_modules/kew/kew.js:834:10)
at ncall (/data/plugins/music_service/spop/node_modules/kew/kew.js:816:44)
at Object.nfcall (/data/plugins/music_service/spop/node_modules/kew/kew.js:803:16)
at Promise._successFn (/data/plugins/music_service/spop/index.js:1201:16)
at nextTickCallback (/data/plugins/music_service/spop/node_modules/kew/kew.js:47:28)
at _combinedTickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:67:7)
at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:98:9)

Does anybody have an idea what “This socket has been ended by the other party”?