Spotify installation issues

Hi All,
I am using Volumio v2.668 with my Raspberry Pi 3B+ and a HifiBerry Amp2. Install went well for Volumio and I have successfully connected up to various web radios and can control audio through the software. I would like to use Spotify, and have a Premium account. I installed the Plugin for Spotify, logged in with my details, enabled it and then authorised it. Everything seemed to go ok, I didn’t get a message saying authorisation was successful, but then again I didn’t get anything that said it wasn’t either. This is where I am having no luck as I can’t see the Spotify icon anywhere in the software. Where is it supposed to appear? I can play music through web radios, but Spotify doesn’t seem o be available. I’ve tried rebooting and uninstalling/install again, still no luck. Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong? Also, I was looking at enabling ssh to have a look at the settings of the software. According to the documentation I need to point my browser to VOLUMIOIP/DEV - this doesn’t work. Am I doing something wrong here and do I need to access this if I need to alter anything in the background?

Cheers and merry Christmas to you all


Regarding SSH, try: volumio.local/dev/
and you will get the developers’ UI and there you can enable SSH.

Merry Christmas to you too!

@cappers, i had the same problem. i guess you could login, but when you click “authenticaet or validate” you are not pointed to spotify page to link volumio ? That’s why the spotifiy icon is not in your sources.
i tried with older versions but can’t have older volumio versions working with latest spotify plugin (december release).

In the end i installed latest volumio version 2.692 and spotify works now.

But… problem with volume control in latest version, see other topics for that, you could use the workaround.

Hello again,
A workaround for the time being is to install Balbuze’s Spotify Connect plugin. Then you can use the Spotify app to stream instead of using the Volumio UI. The Spotify app is much better for streaming Spotify than Volumio UI for obvious reasons. I think you don’t need the user name and password for Spotify Connect.

. . . but if you use Volumio to manage all your music sources it is of course tedious to switch from the Spotify app to the Volumio UI all the time.

I have used Volumio for nearly five years and at first I was managing all our music sources in Volumio. I even bothered to connect my NAS. Over time I have become more and more lazy and now I always use the Spotify app and Volumio is just used for streaming (and settings). Yes, I know the sound quality is lower, but the Spotify app is so easy to use.

thanks guys, i’ll try installing the latest version and see how that goes. Much appreciated :smiley: