Spotify in volumio3?

I did a new install of volumio3, and after installing the spotify plugins separately, neither one appears in the left column of available services. The descriptions of both plugins say that they are for volumio2.

I have a volumio2 system that plays spotify fine.

Is there a spotify plugin for volumio3?


did you login within the plugin? (Also sometimes restart is required after installing plugins)

both of the spotify plugins does work with Volumio 3

I noticed that I have both plugins installed on my volumio2 system. I just installed both on my volumio3 system. I still don’t see spotify. I will reboot later today, I’m listening now :-), and see what happens.

For the Spotify plugin you need to login and verify. After installation, go to installed plugins, find Spotify and click on settings. After putting in your username and password, follow the instructions to verify.

Thanks, that did the trick. I have it working now. I appreciate the help from all.

Hi, I am logged in on both Volumio (free membership) and on Spotify premium account. Still no option to logg in via Volumio interface/plug-in. I use Volumio 3.0.4. I can ofcourse play Spotify via its app and select Volumio, but its not always handy.
Why is this? It worked in Volumio 2. Do I need a Volumio premium for it to work perhaps?