Spotify Connect2 Working while Volumio in Hotspot mode

While driving in my car or on the beach where there is no WiFi it would be nice if the endpoint functionality for Spotify which is available through the Spotify Connect2 Plugin would work while Volumio is in Hotspot mode.

I currently connect to Volumio through the Volumio hotspot and then select and play music that is attached to the USB I/F through the Volumio web interface. This is fantastic but I was disappointed to find that Spotify did not see volumio as an endpoint. So I am limited to the music that is on my USB drive.

That wouldn’t be possible - the device needs access to the internet.
Spotify Connect doesn’t stream music off your phone, but directly connects to Spoity servers. Your phone just sends commands, not the music.

To achieve what you want, you could try Bluetooth, Airplay or Chromecast as suggested by Spotify

I did not know that Spotify works that way. Thanks for taking the time to post your reply.


had to edit. not the same problem!

if volumio is in hotspot from mobile phone, it is also not working.
I have a similar problem, because i want to use RPI4 in car. Phone has internet and volumio has internet from hotspot.
The problem is, i cant find out the ip adress from volumio and spotify app does not “see” the spotify connect on rpi4.

if i use it in home wlan all is ok, but in hotspot mode its not working. maybe only a small configuration problem.


To work, Spotify connect need to be connected to the internet. So a way I see is to use your smartphone as a hotspot and connect Volumio to this hotspot. To be checked though

yes i noticed that.

Solution one: … o&hl=en_US
it does not require the spotify connect plugin, but root is a no go for me.

Solution two:
i try to use LTE Router like tplink WR 200 in my car.

i figured out to find the ip adresse while volumio is in hotspot mode. connected a laptop also to hotspot and scanned.
looks like volumio is always getting the same ip, so i put a permanent like to my homescreen.
downside, i always have to start hotspot on the phone.
Using a LTE Router, volumio with ethernet connect and mobile phone with wlan enables a fast start.

Rooting my phone is maybe the easier and cheaper way, but i dont like using root. decisions…

I am guessing it’s an Android phone your using, then it should set up the DHCP server for the hotspot in the range. You could then just assign a static IP in that range (say for your Volumio setup in your car, and thus have it accessible via that. This would not require any messing around with root for your phone.
For Spotify, in such a scenario, I would not use the multi user account, and login with a specific account. But it might be quite tricky with reconnection and dropped signal…