Spotify connect2 and Bluetooth not working

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.882
DAC: Schiit Eitr → Cambridge Audio CXA60 integrated DAC

I am running a raspberry 4 wired via Ethernet cable with the USB plugged into a cleaner/jitter remover/SPDIF coax converter, plugged into the DAC in my integrated amplifier. Everything appears to be working except for the two main features which were the reasons why I went through all this trouble: Both Spotify connect and Bluetooth Require some secret, special combination of logging in/out, pairing/unpairing, rebooting, streaming audio and doing the Hokey Pokey while sprinkling pixie dust on my Raspberry Pi, to get Volumio to appear on the lists of Bluetooth and spotify connect devices.

I signed up for the paid Valumio account (I already had spotify premium). I can play a very limited version of Spotify from the Valumio app, but it only momentarily shows up in my list of Spotify connect devices and even when it does, I am not getting any audio out from either the USB or the the 3.5mm analog jack. I ran an ethernet cable to the Raspberry pi from my router because I heard the noise from the wifi can disrupt things. It may have improved the sound quality a bit, but spotify connect still won’t work. The bluetooth is a similar story with the exception that in the rare moments that It shows up on my list of bluetooth devices, I was able to pair it and play some audio, but it cut out after a few minutes and hasn’t come back.

I’ve restarted/unplugged the Raspberry pi several times, I uninstalled and reinstalled the spotify and the spotify connect plugins, and even reformatted my SD card, reflashed Volumio and set everything up from scratch. I have heard of Volumio being flakey, but I can’t imagine it is normal for these features not to work. Does anyone know what I may be doing wrong?

I’m unclear as to which Spotify plugins you have installed … there are two.

Spotify: allows use of Spotify directly from within the Volumio UI

Spotify Connect: allows you to use the Spotify app on your mobile, and send the audio output to play out through Volumio.

Both of them are installed

Would you share some system logs please?

Please reboot your system beforehand, and obviously you need to see the problems before recording the log. Since the bluetooth provision is a part of a paid for MyVolumio subscription, you can also get
official dedicated support at techsupport at volumio dot org :slight_smile:

After restarting the Raspberry pi and Volumino I spend some time trying to get spotify connect and bluetooth working with basically the same results and then collected the system logs

Can you check if you are able to reach Spotfiy’s servers?

If you can drop into a shell via ssh, please post back the results of:



Well, this Raspberry pi I got last week is my first experience with Linux, so it will take me a while to figure out how to do that.

Here is some documentation to enable and use ssh to get you started :slight_smile: Good luck!

well pinging gave me a rolling script that seemed as if it would never stop. I tried to copy a chunk of it to send to you by pressing Ctrl-C and then it stopped and gave me some kind of ping report summary. I entered the curl command and the results looked like this: image

Thanks for that, don’t see anything fishy there.