Spotify Connect

Just thought I’d put it out there that we’re trying to implement an open source version of the Spotify Connect protocol, which allows you to stream to hardware devices. Figured Volumio would be one of the projects that would benefit from such an addition, but the main reason I’m here is that we’re looking for anyone who knows a bit about reverse engineering or anything else that might help the project out, and if you have some spare time and want to contribute, for the benefit of of open source media boxes everywhere :wink:

Anyways, thanks for reading.

The repo for work so far, and links to related stuff can be found here: … -resources
And if you’re feeling talkative, the repo chatroom is here: … -resources

Any and all contributions welcome. See u soon :slight_smile:

Just thought I’d let anyone interested know, we have managed to implement a Spotify Connect prototype, which runs on armv6. We will need help building out the library to fully support all Connect features, more on that later on once we have a POC for decrypting the Connect encryption, and have decided whether to reverse the entire thing, or just make a wrapper and hook into libspotify. Have a read of the chatroom log on gitter if interested.

Really interested. Let me know how can I help with this.

anye tried this??

Hi guys,

sorry but have been busy lately. TBH there isn’t much to help with atm as we are still building the open source library, but once that is out, it would be great to see it integrated into as many applications as possible. All activity related to this project is happening on the Gitter chatroom, so stop by and catch up if you want :wink:

It would be very convenient if we would have a Spotify Connect option for Volumio. The html interface works fine, but the Spotify app is just a step further in searching and creating playlists.

This will definitely improve the interest in Volumio / RPI as high end audio solution.

Keep up the good work!

Any progress with Spotify Connect for Volumio?

I repeat the question … any progress with Spotify Connect? :wink:

Hurra!!! :smiley: :smiley:
It works ! I made Spotify connect running with volumio using this :
(I have tested it with volumio2 image but I think it should work on 1.55 and I will test it soon!
nota : You have to get a dev key from Spotify to use it. I used the pre-built version

Making its way into Volumio2 :wink:

I would love to see it working in volumio2 :smiley:
I hope you don’t have to pay just for a dev key. On top of Premium I mean

Dev key is FREE. To be get from pour premium account.
Even if it works, it is not usable “as this”. It has to be more integrated in the system.I made some test to use it without the chroot image but I got a problem… And there is no software mixer.
Still a bit of work…

I can confirm that the chroot version works with no problem with Volumio 1.55 !!! :smiley: (tested on RPI 2) with iqaudio pi-dac
But I still can’t make it work whithout the chroot …
And I can’t make it works with a softawre mixer with a ess9023 dac. The sound is set at 100% even if in alsa I set it to 10%… Investigation in progress.

The normal spotify client has it’s own volume settings. You could try to use that

When you use Spotify connect from the offial app, it does not stream to the target device but just send the instruction of what to do ( play stop,.). When you change the volume setting in the official app, it send instruction to the alsa mixer of the target device. So if the have no hardware mixer you can’t change volume. It 's because of that that I have change the asound.conf to emulate a mixer. Now if I type alasmixer I’ve got a volume setting. But it is not taken in consideration…

I was so happy to see this thread. I stopped using my Rpi with Volumio half a year ago and switched to a mini pc. The only reason for that was to get Spotify Connect. If you get this working I will happily switch back and donate (again).


Great!!! Any idea of ETA??

P.S. Installed “Quickstart using a pre-built chroot” on Volumio 1.55 & RPI-B (256Mb) and it works…!

How do you install this pre-built chroot version?

It’s quite easy : go to this page and follow instructions “Quickstart using a pre-built chroot”.
Don’t forget :

  • you need a premium account
  • you need to get a dev key ( from your account page on Spotify)
  • Volume can’t be set in software mode (but soon :slight_smile: ). So, if your dac does not support hardware volume control, the only way to not explode your ears is to use an amp with a volume control. :wink:

Awesome, I got it to work. Volume control is working now, from the spotify app, at least for me.

Anyone come up with a way to switch between spotify and volumio easily? After quitting Spotify I had to restart the raspberry pi.