Spotify connect randomly losing connection

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.837
Hardware: Raspberry pi 3 +
DAC:hifiberry dac+


Overnight my spotify connect2 has randomly started to lose connection when playing through volumio.

I’ve reinstalled the plug in and even taken it out of multiuser mode, but its still losing connection.

I’ve enabled the debug but it hasn’t reset yet.

Any suggestions of what to look for to fix it?


Still having problems now? Personally, I’d first of all check network connections/speeds. How often do disconnections happen? Have you looked at a system log over the period where you experience disconnections?

Edit: is your connection stable on the mobile Spotify app?

Same problem here. Other devices using spotify connect have no issue, only Rpi loses connection after a period of time.
Sometimes the connection lasts hours, sometimes only minutes.

Sorry for not replying sooner.

It did seem mine was a network issue.

Strangley it was only the volumio instance that was showing issues on Spotify.

Eventually some video streams starting having issues and I updated and restarted my router and it seems to have been OK since.

Same issue here with pi4. Problem seem to be worse agter updating my ios to 14.5 on pro max 12