Spotify Connect questions

hello all, first time using Volumio on the Allo DigiOne player.
i have installed the plugin, Spotify Connect2, and it is working BUT…

  1. Volumio device shows only on my desktop Spotify app and of course, i can select it for streaming.
    then, only then, do i see Volumio in other apps running on a laptop or another Android devices.
    so the question is: what is unique about the desktop Spotify app?

  2. it was in fact the desktop where i first connected to Volumio and installed the plugin.
    and i did not have to enter my Spotify credentials. so how did the plugin work?

thank you for any help and insights…

Are your other devices connectés on the same local network ?

Please move your post to a existing topic about Spotify connect (search the forum) and I’ll delete this one. Try to not duplicate subject. Thanks.