Spotify connect issue

Hi, not sure if this is the right sub forum or if it should go into plugins but I am wanting to put a Pi running Volumio in the car but when I use it in the car I get a weird issue.

The plan is to use my Android phone as a hotspot the Pi connects to, then use Spotify Connect to listen to spotify with.

If i do this in the house with the Pi plugged into the mains the spotify app on my phone an see the Pi and this works perfectly. However when I move this over to the car and use a 2.1A power supply Volumio boots and works fine if you connect to its web frontend but you cant see it listed as a device you can listen on in the spotify app

I have tried both a Pi ZeroW and a Pi4 and they both exhibit the same behaviour. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:
Hardware: Pi Zero W / Pi4
DAC: HiFi Berry Dac+

Spotify connect uses mdns for discovery - I am guessing your hotspot setup on your Android device doesn’t let these packets through. You could just disable the multiuser mode in the plugin, and add your credentials to log in.