Spotify Connect is not working anymore

since yesterday Spotify Connect no longer works for me with Volumio. Even a newly flashed Volumio does not work, even with my HifiberryOS it no longer works, however with my songs system it works without problems.
Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?

Volumio is found and it is also addressed but the connection is immediately terminated.

It is working ok here. Try a system log to see if there is any information in there Sending logs for troubleshooting - Volumio Documentation

Thank you for your reply.
I really don’t know what just happened, but as soon as I asked this question here and in the Hifiberry forum, my non-restarted RaspberryPis work again with Spotify Connect. Somehow I feel stupid now, since last night when I wanted to listen to music it did not work until just now.

*{"status":"play","title":"Trapped in Time","artist":"Marian Herzog, Modshape.","album":"Trapped in Time","albumart":"","uri":"spotify:track:0K0yvLv2tBpy1mPgvdPutF","trackType":"spotify","seek":358411,"duration":380,"samplerate":"44.1 KHz","bitdepth":"16 bit","channels":2,"consume":false,"volume":100,"mute":false,"disableVolumeControl":true,"stream":false,"updatedb":false,"volatile":true,"service":"volspotconnect2"}*