Spotify connect - can only see devices when logged in

I’ve been using spotify connect2 and I noticed that from the android app I can only see the device if turned off multi-user device and I logged in. If multi-user device is turned on, I can only see the device in the spotify desktop app.
Though if I first connect from the desktop app, I can also see it in the android app.

Another issue is that sometimes I hear no audio even though the progress bar shows like it’s playing the track.

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Issue 1:
Can you check if the Spotify mdns broadcast is up and running fine in your network? An easy was is by installing a Zeroconfig browser and check if you have the _Volumio and _Spotify-Connect services visible?

Issue 2:
Logs please when this happens! :slight_smile:

sudo journalctl -b -u volspotconnect2.service

These are the services that I found (all from the local Spotify host)

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Yep, looks like the mdns seems to be having some issues. If you are willing to do some debugging via ssh:

  1. Deactivate the plugin from the WebUI

  2. edit in /data/plugins/music_service/volspotconnect2

cd /data/plugins/music_service/volspotconnect2

add RUST_LOG=mdns=trace in front of the ./librespot -b 320 -c, so something like:

RUST_LOG=mdns=trace ./librespot -b 320  -c /tmp 
  1. manually start the daemon

Let me know what the logs look like

It does solve the issue, but after a reboot the file is overwritten.

EDIT: as for the second issue, it seems that it loads the track successfully, but if I change tracks rapidly, it takes a longer while to start playback. The developer is aware of this issue.

Seeking is indeed much faster in the new unreleased version - along with a few other improvements as well (direct volume control, better integration with the Volumio UI, Spotify radio, etc), we should get around releasing it soon…