Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect

Hi. I am looking to buy a Volumio Primo. Very basic. I do NOT want to buy any subscriptions etc. My only other option is Node 2i as I like this price point, otherwise I’d be going for Auralic or Lumin etc.

I do NOT want MyVolumio, or to install plugins in the future. All I want is to connect this with a cable to my Modius DAC, which is already connected to my active speakers and it works fine. I’m mostly trying to get a high quality streamer.

All I expect is this Primo to be easily connected to my WiFi (without ethernet) to become a “device” inside Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect. That’s all. Is this possible? Can I do that simply with the Community edition?

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Why would you buy a Primo to install an external DAC to it? You’d better save that money and buy a Tinkerboard or a Raspberry pi with an iPower or a PowerX. Furthermore, Spotify connect is a plug in and for Tidal connect you need MyVolumio. I don’t know the DAC you have but I would save on the hardware and spend a little bit on the software (30 euros a year ain’t the world)

Edit: looked for the Modius DAC. I think the internal DAC of the Primo is of equal or even better quality. So another option is to sell the Modius you could spent the money on a Virtuoso subscription for the next 5 years.

Just to add that installing a plugin is simple as clicking a button… Install. :wink:

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