Spotify Connect 2 Plugin

Hello everyone,
I think it’s a pity that the latest Volumio version no longer includes the “Spotify Connect(2)” plugin. The Spotify app worked best on an iPhone with “SpotifyConnect”. Especially the “skipping” of songs and the volume control worked very well there.
I would love to see that made available again in the Volumio plugins.

…or am I doing something wrong?

Best Regards

Spotify connect is part of the new Spotify plugin :slight_smile:

I’ve been asking for this plugin to return for months now, but they don’t listen… Where did the Spotify connect plugin go? - #37 by McMuffin

Guess they want only one “coded by volumio” plugin for Spotify going forward…

But that one is still plagued with issues after all these days. Skipping is a hit or miss, the volume control from the iPhone app doesn’t work…

Very surprised by this remark, what is your source for this kind of information.?

Spotify was a community plugin. When Spotify pulled the plug on the used API and no-one wanted to redesign the plugin, Volumio stepped in (took the responsibility) to fill the gap, even though there was no resource available to do so.
The plugin is working when used from the Volumio UI, the connect function is yet not as it supposed to be, which is known by the development team
So give them some slack

Slack? Sorry it’s been months… Your profile says you also do software dev. While developing a new solution, if there is an alternative working one, why not leave it up and running until you perfect the new one?

No one is against the new greatest, perfect Spotify plugin implementation… But it’s taking a lot of time (small team, low resources, etc). Meanwhile, you are loosing customers, and general patience after close to half a year is running thin…

In short,
The issue is very intermitted. I am running test with the following:
Volumio V3.378
HW: rPi4-8GB
Plugin: V3.0.6
DAC iFi Zen Dac, mixer: None

I’ve been skipping tracks, raised and lower the volume via the phone. but it keeps running stable.

To come back on me being a developer (not for Volumio). It’s difficult to solve issues when you can’t reproduce them. The issues have been identified.

Using Spotify within the UI works better (for me at least) than the original version - faster and more reliable. Via the Spotify app (connect functionality) clearly still needs more work. Trouble is that for many it works fine, so as @Wheaten says, it’s trickier to diagnose. I now only use Spotify via the UI and fortunately that’s all I need.

Try a device with a mixer, it keeps resetting volume…

@Wheaten Did you manage recreating the bug?

Hello out there,

in the “meantime” all problems are solved with the latest Version.
Now it runs more stable, and seems to have more “performance”.

thnx to volumio-team !!

tidal is running since last 2023/12.
very nice sound!

best regards