Spotify Connect 2 does not work


Sorry for terrible delay, but I’ve been very busy lately.
Ping to google or works very well. Must be something else

New log after I have connected Volumio directly to ethernet. My iPhone or Mac don’t see it at all from Spotify now…

OK, problem finally solved after multiple reboots and activation/deactivation of the plugin… Weird!
Thanks for your help

not wierd you had 3 failing end points., 414 ms, 414 ms, 414 ms

Hi There,

Having some of the same issues with Spotify in my system. Raspberry Pi3, Hifiberry DAC+. Other sources (DLNA and Pandora) work fine. Hoping you could give this a look and advise.


Any help would be much appreciated.

Wow, simple fix was turning on DNS in Volumio Network setting. Now working like a charm.