Sportify not playing music


I have use Volumio with Raspberry pi 2 for many years with sportify plugin it’s working fine until last 2 day,

the plugin is not working properly, I’ve trying to logout and login with sportify user it’s seem to be ok with green active but it’s cannot play any music.

So i have attached log file here

Ps, i can play the radio and files from usb normally.

My Log file

TESTING REMOTE ENDPOINTS, 5303 ms: FAILED, 5387 ms: OK, 5251 ms: FAILED, 1130 ms: OK, 5246 ms: FAILED, 5244 ms: FAILED, 5242 ms: FAILED, 5240 ms: FAILED, 5239 ms: FAILED, 5237 ms: FAILED, 5235 ms: FAILED, 5233 ms: FAILED, 5232 ms: FAILED
WARNING!!! Some remote endpoints cannot be reached!
Failing endpoints:, 5232 ms, 5232 ms, 5232 ms, 5232 ms, 5232 ms, 5232 ms, 5232 ms, 5232 ms, 5232 ms, 5232 ms, 5232 ms

it seems you could not connect to services did you try a reboot?
do we have a services problem?

Yes i have try to reboot so many time.

From yours point I don’t see any Sportify server response time.

if volumio’s services don’t work you can’t get it i asked already if this it the question…
we have to wait what will come back …

Your device seems to have connectivity issues – are you sure everything is fine form the network side?

2021-05-04 14:25:24 [SPTF] 14:25:24.629 E [ap:1694] AP Socket Error: Timeout reached (20000)
2021-05-04 14:25:24 [SPTF] 14:25:24.630 E [ap:3953] Connection error:  117
2021-05-04 14:25:24 [WARN] Login failed: Cannot connect to Spotify
2021-05-04 14:25:24 [ERR ] Could not get the playlist container.

i would say reboot all between the pi … router, isp modem or/and switches/hubs
and build up from ips modem till the pi and wait till ips modem is online then your router ect…

If it’s any concern for me please let me know.

I quite sure about network connection, i can play internet radio without any disconnect.

My router and isp is run normally i can use my sportify app on my iphone and any device accepts from Volumio RP2.

For make it sure i have restart all router, wifi, Volumio again.

Finally, in sportify plugin i can see my playlist within my login same in the app on iphone, but when i add to que it’s cannot played.

can you post the log again see if there are changes…( new one )
it looks like a network problem but where it lays is the question…

After restart volumio.

can you try wired instead of wifi?

LAN Cable connect is still the same error.

you got a lot of dropped packets that is what i see in your log so you have troubles with your connection.
most of the connections that you need to run are timing out 2 ok and the rest got a time out

and asla seems to be set on the wrong setting…
looks like asla needs hardware instead of software.


I just add DNS to and in Volumio Network setting.

volumio endpointstest ---------------

TESTING REMOTE ENDPOINTS, 978 ms: OK, 667 ms: OK, 736 ms: OK, 1096 ms: OK, 1177 ms: OK, 1205 ms: OK, 1180 ms: OK, 4438 ms: OK, 1187 ms: OK, 758 ms: OK, 1653 ms: OK, 1261 ms: OK, 1274 ms: OK

REMOTE ENDPOINTS TEST OK, all Endpoints are reachable

Now, it’s can play Spotify as usual.

Thanks for yours kindness.

nice, so the dns server was messing up your connection…

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