Spotify Auth Error

Fresh install of 2.703, Spotify plugin 2.02, on RPi 3

When I try to start the plugin, I get taken to the the Spotify login and enter my credentials but get “Error”.

I had no problem with the Connect2 plugin, and “Vollibrespot” appears in my authorized apps on Spotify page.

Any idea how to fix this?

same issue :frowning:

Using Volumio 2.712

edit: Authentication works know!?! However, I cannot see the Spotify Icon on main page. Is this a known issue?

IMHO Spotify is having some issue, I can’t login either (also on my Android app)…

Spotify is running fine on my Volumio running 2.699. Just updated another Pi to 2.712 and no Spotify icon - log file shows this:

2020-02-26T02:41:49.715Z - info: Streaming services startup
2020-02-26T02:41:49.723Z - info: Starting Streaming Daemon
2020-02-26T02:41:49.749Z - info: MyVolumio not started
2020-02-26T02:41:49.750Z - info: Initializing device activation check
2020-02-26T02:41:49.782Z - info: [MyVolumio PluginManager] MyVolumio plugin successfully started
2020-02-26T02:41:49.811Z - error: SPOP command error: Error: connect ECONNREFUSED
2020-02-26T02:41:49.815Z - error: SPOP status error: Error: connect ECONNREFUSED
2020-02-26T02:41:49.816Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::volumioRemoveToBrowseSourcesSpotify
2020-02-26T02:41:49.818Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: my_music , getDisabledSources
2020-02-26T02:41:50.015Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::volumioAddToBrowseSources[object Object]
2020-02-26T02:41:50.016Z - info: [1582684910015] CoreMusicLibrary::Adding element Pandora Radio
2020-02-26T02:41:50.016Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: my_music , getDisabledSources
2020-02-26T02:41:53.159Z - info: New Spotify access token = BQAN_No00pkYWkVNfwwy-JwcI43rQYMWt9JwBc2hlJXOhg7x9ycqJ4eY5-sxxyb7tymc7VQZJjD0gukYRFeaNdMBSM9VjM7KLWEl3o4EdM6MvZ8fjRv03FJeVibn5HK-3iWi_pVVIzSR424gqR9b_MsXH4RVmudZAfKwpjR4a91R7yuWxAY6CM2TCiL6sZGLaMEM
2020-02-26T02:41:53.161Z - info: Spotify credentials grant success - running version from March 24, 2019

The authorization to get the Spotify access token worked fine but Volumio couldn’t connect to the Spop demon.

Thank you for your analysis!

So, the best I could do is to wait for volumio fix!??

Or is there a source where I can get an older image of volumio (like 2.699)?

This issue is unrelated to the update to new version, it seems something is blocked on Spotify’s end.
Until we understand what is going on, the only way is to use the spotify connect plugin


It is working again - just re-login in the plugins config. :smiley:


same here, works again :smiley:

lessons learned: stay cool and wait if the spotify icon disappears again :wink: