Speeding up scanning for new content on my NAS

Hi All,
I’m a happy Volumio user for a few years … my content is stored on a NAS, but some times when scanning for updated content it takes a long time.
e.g. I have my content structured like: “…/audio/c/causa sui” , so If I change a lot in the “c” directory, I “update folder” from that dir … if I only add to the sub-directory “casua sui” and update there. if I move to the sub-directory … it can take hours … if i reboot in the middle of the update/rescan, i have corrupted the DB …
my questions:

  1. can i abort a “rescan in progress” (I do see the spinning arrow)
  2. is there a more efficient way to update the DB ?

First thing would be to pinpoint where the slowness comes from.
It could be that the NAS itself is slow. Try reading in your library on a PC with Mediamonkey. If that’s also slow, it could mean the problem is the NAS itself and you need a better one.

If you’re doing it over WiFi, you could try to measure WiFi speeds. You might need better WiFi.
Or just hook everything up with network cables to eliminate WiFi alltogether.

thanks for response @MrKrueger, my NAS is pretty new (its my second NAS) both have been Synology and I’m very happy with it. I agree with identifying the slowness. I’m guessing it is what Volumio is doing when it rescans folder(s). I think it goes reads all the MP3 tags and updates the internal database.

I probably used the wrong term, i should have said ‘inconsistent performance’. If i update a subdirectory with 5 albums (…/audio/c/causa sui/album[1-5] ) sometimes it will take five minutes, other times i will update a similar directory with 5 albums and it will run all night!
I then do the “shutdown-restart” and all seem good. It just scares the daylight out of me doing a restart in the middle of a database update. In this past, this has caused corrupt databases (reboots in the middle of a DB update just wreak havoc).