SPDIF (Primo) to a TOSLINK (BT TXMT) cable

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My problem. I have a Vol Primo. I want to output it to a BT Transmitter that ONLY has TOSLINK for an input. I have looked at Amazon.com and Amazon.de, and I also went to MediaMart. I am looking for a SPIDF (Primo) to a TOSLINK (BT TXMT) cable. There are no such things. Please don’t tell me to drop another DAC in between them. I have a DAC in the Primo, and I have a DAC in the BT TXMT. I do NOT need a third DAC. Please help, throw suggestions. Thank you. Netfoo.

You mean from S/PDIF Coaxial to Fiber?
Omvormer van Coaxiaal naar Optisch - Omvormer van Digital Coaxiaal naar Optisch, Input: Digital Coaxiaal naar Output: Optisch (toslink) Female.?

[Wheaten]. Thanks so much for pointing that out. It looks like my only option. I was hoping to get the SPDIF and toslink connectors on the same cable. No luck on that. Now I have to get a new cable and a converter box. Wow. I do appreciate your help though. Ciao netfoo

Well it is almost one cable with a converter in between. It can’t be just 1 cable as the primo sends out an electrical signal and your receiver wants an optical signal.

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@netfoo this a other option :