Sparky with MyVolumio

Hi, when will it be possible to connect MyVolumio with the Allo USB Bridge with Sparky?

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This is an experimental build, please try it and let us know how it goes: …

New version (totally untested). Please give feedbacks: …

If we don’t receive feedbacks we cannot release

Hi Michelangelo,
When I use Qobuz, in search mode if I select an album or an artist and then I try to go back to the results nothing happens. I have to do my search again from beginning.
Still no way to know if an album is High res or not in the search results
The equaliser is not working, if I activate the plugin volumio won’t play
Maybe you could integrate a serious 1/3 octave equalizer

Other problem, the playback countdown doesn’t starts when a song starts but when I go to the playaback page

Is Volumio version 2.513 identical for all the processors it can be downloaded to please?
Or is each 2.513 uniquely tailored for each processor?

Will the v2.526 be out for sparky anytime soon? Or maybe a non beta version?

Just reporting myself as new user with Sparky + USBridge + Topping D50 (and Marantz PM15 behind).
Any updade will be appreciated.
Also as somehow bit experienced linux user and member of modding comunity in several Linux/Android projects, offering my feedback/help if needed.
Thank you for all the good work so far, Volumio is nice piece of SW.

Hi, this is an experimental new release, if you could give us feedback, that would be great: …

Hi, i did some initial testing, here are my memos:

I installed build via balenaEtcher to MicroSD card. The default EMMC storage of Sparky is hardly accessible (you have to dismantle whole damn thing) and manipulation is tricky. And I wanted to keep my original volumio untouched.

Sparky has initial boot configuration set to EMMC, but I changed it to MicroSD. So if MicroSD is inserted, 2.544 boots up, if i remove it, the original 2.513 boots up from EMMC. It gives me a good oportunity to switch swiftly to “stable” version, if I need to check anything.

  1. Startup&Installation:

Everything went well and smooth. The startup guide went well, only think that makes no sense is that Volumio offers you to turn on Wifi (and Sparky has no in default). No issue att all.

  1. Network connection:
    I have 1 Gbps ETH, Sparky connects on 100 Mbps (which is ok). Volumio was unable to see my Synology NAS, I had to add it manually. Most probably not bug of Volumio, as i use Ubiquiti Security Gateway as my LAN router, and this unit is pretty paranoic. No problem connecting NAS via CIFS

  2. Other configuration. Topping D50 recoginzed, I have installed only Spotify 1.3.5 plugin, no probem with anything. I use interface in my native Czech language, no bugs detected.

  3. Listening: I did some prompt listening test, not to ejoy the music, just to make sure that everything works.
    I play samples from here:

Mainly I use files stored on my NAS, redirected to Volumio via Android (Bubble UPNP, or Hificast, both works well including volume control)

Here are the results:
- Flac 24/96 Ok
- Flac 24/192 Ok
- Flac 24/352 Ok
- DSD 64: Ok (Direct DSD)
- DSD 128: OK (Direct DSD)
- DSD 256: Direct DSD not OK, the playback was going on but was interupted every second or so. Not sure if the DSD 256 is not above native capabilities of my Topping. When switched to “DSD over PCM”, music went well. DAC showed input correctly as DSD256.

Spotify&Tidal over Bubble UPNP not tested yet. Nothing from “MyVolumio” tested as I dont have account.

  1. Find bit anoying interface bug in Volumio player, present not only in 2.544 but also back in 2.513.

Background: I mainly play my music over mobile phone (DLNA), Spotify or Tidal (via UPNP). Have no real use for Volumio player on local IP. But I tested it, and found following.

I prefer to play files on NAS not from “Media Library” but from “Folder view”. I have my own music folder structure sorted for several years with logic I want.
Playing via “Media library” is ok (but I dont like it). While plaing via “Media Server” folowing bug appears.

  • I can see all folders and files
  • I can play music only via “whole folder button” on top right of the folder. Music plays OK, you can switch between the songs by fwd/rw button.
  • Plaing by clicking to one certain file does nothing. Also plaing via “Play” option of each file is not doing anything. (see pictures bellow)
  • In many folders “whole folder button” is missing. I suppose that the presence of button is somehow influenced by folder structure. In such case, you cant play music from this folder anyhow. (see pictures bellow).

Tested back on 2.513 and it behaves same.

  1. Final feeling:
    Everything works well and so far seems to be stable. (exept that interface bug).
    If you need to test something particular, let me know.
    My tests can take a while, as I am father of two with demanding work and have my time for such “toys” only late in the evening, and early in the morning :slight_smile:

ver2.554 is working great

first things first. Volumio is great, thank you so much for you effort!

I use a USBridge. When I play music from spotify through the SimpleEQ plugin there is a Micky Mouse effect on the music. It sounds like a samplerate issue.
My Chain is Sparky AlloUSBridge with recent Volumio on SDCard to Spotify Connect, SimpleEQ Plugin, USB to Gustard U16. Webradio plays fine even with the EQUALIZER Plugin.


edit I also installed volumio on my raspbery pi 3. Everything went fine even spotify with EQplugin. So i suspect its a sparky issue

I tryed 2.554 with no success. I recorded a short track


No one?
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Is there a Maximum of 500 interprets with sparky-volumio?