Source Dependent Upsampling

The upsampling feature is superb for streams such as Spotify, which really benefits from 24/96 at Very High Quality.

However, could it be made source-dependent as I feel that it interferes with the quality of 24/88, 24/96 and higher resolution files? It would be good for the dashboard view to then verify the upsampling, if any, being used.

Upsamplingg as provided in volumio only affect mpd. Spotify or other sources using there own player are not affected…

So Spotify using their client and your volspotconnect plug-in is not upsampled?

Spotify may or may not be upsampled…mine comes in at 24/44.1. Either way if it is or not, it has nothing to do with MPD sample rate settings.

MPD sample rate settings ‘only’ effect data that goes through the program MPD.

Of course, this does not mean Spotify can’t be sampled to another format or bit depth. With a little Sox and and help from Pipe, ALSA can upsample anything from any source.

Now the question is, are the Volumio dev’s willing to put in the work to make this happen? I wouldn’t hold my breath…it might be easier to just Google around and find ways to hard code your sample rate desires into each source.

Good Luck

Thanks for the clarification. I think Spotify in HQ mode sounds very good indeed, but then I have an Allo DigiOne doing a great job of re-clocking.

At least I understand now that the Volumio upsampling mode is for files only.

Using Spotify in hq is better because the stream is better 320kbps instead of 96 in low quality. It has nothing to do with upsampling. And even in hq, this is not “hifi”, not lossless. From my point of view, there is no gain upsampling it…

No problem Martin, as for ‘Volumio upsampling’…this is actually MPD upsampling and it not only upsamples ‘files’ but also internet music streams. The ability to play Internet music streams is an integral part of MPD.

To help you understand what Volumio actually is…its a GUI only it [Volumio] actually does nothing. Volumio is a GUI put on top of an existing and independent operating system ‘Debian’ and an existing and independent music software ‘Music Player Daemon’. Both Debian and Music Player Daemon are develop independently with no regard to Volumio and are available to anyone. In addition Volumio hosts several ‘plugins’ that have been developed by both contributors ‘users’ and Volumio developers.