Soundscience QSB compatibe with Rasp Pi - what about BBB?

Hi guys,

Just last night I finished a tinker session which ended up with Volumio on my Raspberry Pi, driving a pair of SoundScience QSB USB speakers.

I was so enthusiastic about the results that I’ve talked my brother into letting me get him a setup for a birthday present. However, he already has a Raspberry Pi and I noticed that Volumio is available for the Beaglebone Black. Ideally I’d get him a BBB and give him another thing to tinker with. My question is this:

Is the compatibility of the QSB speakers with Volumio on Raspberry Pi any guarantee of compatibility with Volumio on BeagleBone Black? Should I just play it safe and get my brother another Pi?

Any advice gratefully received.

I too have a pair of Soundscience QSB speakers, currently rarely used.

This is a curious combination, very interesting but I can’t think of any useful scenarios off the top of my head.

What are you powering your pi with?

If its compatible with Volumio on PI, so it will be with all the other platform! Happy birthday to your brother!

I’ve just tried this combo out and I’m pleasantly surprised.

My plan was to try and solder an I2S DAC onto my original rev1 Pi and use it in my bedroom but the soldering proved too fiddly.

The volume from the QSBs is modest but good enough to listen to music in the background like when I’m working (room is about 3m x 4m).

You can find the QSBs for less than £20 and I think the combo makes a small cheap bedroom system.

If you’re using a USB WIFI adapter both the USB ports on the Pi will be utilised as these speakers are USB only, so that rules out playback from USB storage unless you use a hub.