Soundcloud support

I’ve noticed that MPD has built-in support for SoundCloud playlists/tracks (I use MPD on Gentoo and there is a ‘USE=soundcloud’ flag which enables this).

A bit of searching threw up this post on the MPD developers thread and the source code on MPD’s Github project. I also came across a previous feature request on this on the Volumio GitHub Issues thats been Closed, but recently marked as an Enhancement.

Users of RuneAudio appear to have got this working (although it mentions not needing the API key).

Is the MPD version that comes with Volumio compiled with this in already?

If so it should be relatively straight-forward to implement since it requires the addition of the following to /etc/mpd.conf

playlist_plugin { name "soundcloud" enabled "true" apikey "###########################" }

API keys are generated from your SoundCloud account by going to “Developers” > “Register a New App”. I opt to call mine ‘mpd’ since thats whats connecting (I tried this out under Gentoo).

Its then possible to use mpc to add tracks and playlists to MPD in the following manner…

mpc load soundcloud://track/≤track-id>

mpc load soundcloud://playlist/≤playlist-id>

mpc load soundcloud://url/

I can envisage the WebUI requiring a configuration page/option for users to enter their SoundCloud API Key, and then under “Browse” a “SoundCloud” option would then have fields for people to enter the names of their playlists, or better still if the users playlists could be retrieved automatically and presented to the user to choose from.

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Soundcloud is a great place to find the original-created audio tracks. I would take some of them as my ringtone. That’s awesome. And there are many ways to save them to my devices: <spam link removed>
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+1 +1

I’d really love to see this feature, too!

I like Soundcloud so much and I have great music collection but I was disappointed that Volumio don’t have support for this Service :frowning:
Tried it with PiMusicbox and it works great there :frowning: But I like Volumio so much.

+100500 for Soundcloud support in Volumio!!!

Would love soundcloud support too.

I would really really need this. I’m following so many artists, labels, magazines on soundcloud, it’s the best place to get in touch with your favorite artists.

Yes, even in 2020:


I’d like to have it too

I would reallly like this added


crazy its still not solved…

Life can not continue like this, my DNA requires soundcloud to suppy the repetative beats lacking on Tidal, for the love of god implement PLEASE!