Soundcard damaged?

125B3CA4-F527-4BE7-B445-032E04FFDBA8.jpegHi folks!
i can’t get any sound from my Allo Digione, which workshop perfectly since more the 2 years. Yesterday after clearing all my audio equipment I’ve plugged the power main of the DAC into the RCA output of the Allo Digione. Since then non sound at all. The Digione player in on, Volumio is ok from my ipad, the external hard disk is ok, I access to the music library, but i can’t get any sound.


I have a similar experience: I was disconnecting and reconnecting the power to my Volumio and other equipment in order to better organize my power cables (what else is there to do while under COVID-19 shelter-in-place?). When Volumio came back up, I kept getting the spinning dots when attempting to rescan my music library, and it seemed something had become corrupted. I reimaged my SD card with the latest Volumio image, and upon configuring for my Allo DigiOne, I find the same behavior as before the reimage, and I get the message that Volumio can’t find my DigiOne. I am concerned that something may have happened to the DigiOne board, but seeing that another person is having the same issue very recently, maybe something else is going on?

A brief follow-up: I again reimaged my Volumio micro SD card, and upon configuration selected Allo DigiOne as my I2S DAC. Volumio restarts and when it comes back up indicates it can’t find the DigiOne. But I ignored the message, configured Qobuz (my primary music source), and was able to play successfully. I’m not sure what to make of this. Any thoughts?