Sound quality compared to moode

just playing with moode and it seems that the sound quality is considerably better, yet the UI on volumio is years ahead. So why is that? Is volumio 32 or 64 bits, what other settings can affect sound quality? Moode has more options for hw configuration so maybe that the volumio team can do something to match the sound quality?

I have two Raspberry 4’s with identical power supply, identical local hard disk, and connectors. One is running Volumio, the other moODE, so I can compare easily. I’ve played around quite a bit and these are the main insights I had so far:

  • A good power supply improves the sound of both!
  • The moODE sounds better than the Volumio when connected directly to a DAC with USB
  • With an S/PDIF hat (I have the DigiOne) the Volumio sounds as good as the moODE. There are tiny differences, but I couldn’t say which one is “better”

moODE seems to convert everything, also standard CD format, into a 32 bit, 96 kHz output rate at 6.1 Mbps. Not sure what Volumio does or whether this could explain the differences when connected via USB.

I would be interested to hear from others who run both distributions.

– Reiner

Is it possible to turn off resampling in moODE and do the comparison again? If both players are capable of bit-perfect playback (which I take it to mean sending out whatever is received without modification whatsoever), then shouldn’t they sound the same on identical hardware? Better still, if your DAC supports DSD, could you play something in that format and see if you can hear any difference?

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I turned off everything I could find in moODE, but it still seems to resample. If you have any hint, I’d be happy to know. I am afraid that my DAC doesn’t support native DSD, so it gets converted to 32 bit / 192 kHz.

In any case, I found that using a good power supply made a considerable difference for both. So, I’d recommend everyone to invest in that :slight_smile:

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Sorry, it is not the subject of that post, but could you tell me what power supply do you use pls ?
Thank you

Sure, I have the Tomanek linear power supply. It is very good and provides excellent value.

– Reiner

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How much is 400.00 zł

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euh… google as by Crystal ball got broken, so I can;t see to which currency we need to convert. Ithe shippig cost are a bit steep.

oh it’s $100, which isn’t bad. But I can’t tell if they ship to the US

no clue, doesn’t seem like they do.

Hi ti all! I have two rpi 4B. One with moode Player installed that acts as player and as dlna server. An ssd is connected to it with DSD files.
My surprise is that the rpi with moode sound horrible. My mac with audirvana sounds much better! Y swapped to the one with Volumio en it sound much better! Not much better that the mac. I really don’t hear much of a difference.
My dac is a Topping e70 with a ifi iPurifier3.
In the moode player the highs are harsh and very tiring to listen to. I wonder if it is the usb connected to the rpi, but it is not, as I connected it to the Volumio version. So my verdict is that the sound quality is better on Volumio software.
Anyone noticed it?


As an owner of a high-end audio system, I meticulously attend to every detail of my setup. This meticulous approach led me to the Raspberry Pi, where I discovered that Moode software outperforms all other alternatives. The sound quality, especially with the Sox resampling option set to very high settings, is simply exceptional. I highly recommend everyone to experience it. Remember, a proper setup doesn’t just require a power supply; it also demands high-quality ancillaries like network and USB power cables of high-end caliber. The soundstage is profoundly expansive, offering a 3D depth that stretches far and wide. The instruments are rendered with exquisite clarity against a velvety dark background, creating a tangible space between them, embodying the true essence of high-end audio with its rich and immersive qualities.

Honestly, posting how you like moode here with no arguments for volumio is not very elegant…
And I bet you thought to post elsewhere or never even tried volumio. Spammer ?


My comment as i did start this discussion is that the sound quality of volumio got much better and the older versions cannot compare to the new ones. If you have a good dac you get an amaizing streamer. If you go with a cheap hat… well…

Sounds like an instore Dixons sales assistant from the 1990’s :smiley:

After reading the last sentence I need to imerse myself in a meticulously made cup of rich, dark coffee.

That will get you in the mood :smile:

I think someone found ChatGPT :joy:

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ChatGPT responds with a love poem for Volumio …

In the digital realm, where melodies stream,
Volumio emerges, a musical dream.
A saviour of worlds, a harmonious guide,
Through soundwaves and rhythms, our spirits abide.

Efficient pathways to musical delight,
Volumio’s magic, in every note’s flight.
A vessel of culture, emotions unfurl,
In its audio embrace, a global swirl.

High-quality echoes, a sustainable choice,
A symphony of joy, a collective voice.
Mindful consumption, a melody’s art,
Volumio whispers, touching every heart.

So let it play, this streamer profound,
In the realm of music, a solution is found.
Not a savior, perhaps, but a positive part,
Volumio’s echoes, a beat from the heart.


Are you sure it was just Coffee??? :rofl: