Sound problem with DAC Inno-Maker

Hi everyone, as the subject suggest I’ve a problem with a DAC for Raspberry called Innomaker, I get sound only with web radios, but I have no sound with other sources as hard disks, pendrives and spotify, I don’t get why, but with web radios it works perfectly.
As suggested online I’ve selected Allo Boss as DAC in Volumio settings.
Thanks in advance and have a nice evening.

We never tested such DAC… Your best bet is contact the manufacturer…

I guess it is due to sample format. Try to resample or if not better, try with an plugin such as equalizer or DSP.

Thanks for your answers, I solved setting the resampler to 48 khz, it looks like Dac doesn’t work with 44.1 khz 16bit, I would like to know if this change affects the quality.
Thanks you all