Sound over both HDMI and Analogue

I have been searching some days now, but seem not to be able to find the answer.

In my setup I have a Raspberry Pi model A running with Volumio 1.55.
Works fine. When I plug in the HDMI I have sound on my sound system, but when I plug in a second zone analogue audio output, there is no sound.

I already tried to put a second “audio_output” in the mpd.conf file, but that doesn’t do the trick.

Any suggestions on this item are welcome.

Regards, Marc

Hi Marc,
You can only have sound ouput on HDMI or analog, not both.

Stéphane Acounis

Volumio currently only supports one audio output at the same time on all platforms. even if you have multiple DAC’s connected.

I am quite sure that putting multiple simple DACs in parallel should work. The I2S signals do not need any feedback from the DAC.

Stéphane Acounis

Connecting more than one DAC isn’t the problem, in theory you should be able to run audio though it and all.
But volumio hasn’t got any support build in for that, it only support one output at a time

Out of the box, I think you are right. Volumio does only support one output.

But since MPD is the underneath “machine”, I would think that it can be done by tweaking the configuration of MPD.

I have another volumio setup running with a old desktop computer where I am able to use the internal soundcard as well an external USB dac. Both put out the same stream of sound.

Only if the raspberry’s hardware doesn’t support two outputs at the same time, I can imagine it couldn’t work.

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If you had scrolled down a few more posts you would have found the following thread: Multiple simultaneous outputs for a multi-zone receiver. My post at the bottom details how using ALSA you can clone the output stream and duplicate it into multiple simultaneous devices. I’ve not done this for HDMI and Analogue but the example I have is for HDMI and USB.